Michael Perry

Michael Perry

I grew up in Sugar House and have fallen in love with SLC. I truly believe Salt Lake City is becoming one of the top destinations in the world. This city is changing, and the culture is vibrant. Going to all of the local schools Beacon Heights/ Hillside/ Judge Memorial and then to the University, I have been able to gather a sense of knowledge that most people seek out. I love this place, and I love this city. Make SLC your new home!

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Food in Sugar House

Food in Sugar House

Breakfast Spots

1. The Park Cafe

604 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105 (Personal favorite)

Possibly the most well-known breakfast spot in Salt Lake City. If you are looking for a quick breakfast that has a unique vibe to it we highly recommend stopping by. You will likely see some of Salt Lake City’s favorite athletes. The Park Cafe has established a nitch with the local community. My personal breakfast spot. Try the Michigan Hash!

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2. The Original Pancake House 

790 E 2100 S

Three blocks west from the heart of Sugar House this breakfast joint hits every need. Walking distance from the park, large portions, friendly atmosphere and a very dynamic menu. The Pancake House has been planted in Sugar House long before the revamp of the local town. Try the breakfast burrito!

3. Ruth’s Diner

4160 E Emigration Canyon Rd (Amazing views, amazing drive)

Home to the second oldest restaurant in the state of Utah. This is a must during the fall as the leaves change. You may face a wait, but don’t let that hold you back. Check-in and head up the canyon for a scenic drive up one of Utah’s most stunning canyons.

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1. Cubby’s

2130 S Highland Drive

At the core of the revitalized downtown Sugar House, this is a delicious healthy option. A quick bite that is great for a lunch break or a lunch date. Head to Barnes and Noble right after for a quick read and social conversation.

2. Spitz Sugar House

1201 E Wilmington

Mediterranean street food is the best way to describe this. Stolen from the site. We don’t really know how to describe this amazing lunch spot, we just know it’s amazing. One block east of Downtown Sugar House right by the freeway. https://spitzslc.com/about.html


1. Kimi’s Chop & Oyster House 

2155 S Highland Drive

The home of fine dining. I just visited this classy restaurant last week for valentines. Great menu that hits all of the favorites. Try the Filet and make sure to get a dozen oysters before. Not the typical fine dining, modern, exciting and absolutely unique. http://kimishouse.com/

The Dodo

2. 1355 E 2100 S

You will find me here way too often. A local favorite for meetups and catchup dates. This relaxed atmosphere gives you the opportunity to take the night either way. Dress it up or dress it down. Amazing food, great cocktails, and a fantastic patio for the warmer days.

3. Tsunami

2223 Highland Drive


Sugar House Neighborhood

Sugar House Neighborhood

Sugar House has many sub-categories that define the area. From 15th&15th to lower Sugar House, this neighborhood has one common identity. Walkability and accessibility. Depending on where you are in Sugar House you have close proximity to everything. 15 minutes from downtown, 30 minutes from Park City, and 3 minutes from the “Heart of Sugar House located near 2100 s and Highland Drive.

The diverse population of Sugar House has a distinct culture. One of the best private colleges in the nation resides in the core of Sugar House.

Sugar House has been revamped and has been rapidly growing the past 10 years. With high walkability, great homes, and a vibrant culture we expect that trend to continue.

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